Importance of physical appearance

Every day there are more people who give great importance to physical appearance, both women and men devote more and more time to the care of our appearance.

The members of the En Buenas Manos team are aware of this growing concern and we have created the Beauty and Health section with the intention of offering the best advice to take care of our appearance in a very healthy way.

And the aspect of our skin, nails or hair does not only speak of beauty, it also speaks of our state of health. That is why we have to pay close attention to both concepts because they are very close.

The Beauty and Health section of En Buenas Manos advises us how to take care of our body with natural products, free of chemicals and that, in many occasions, we can prepare with ingredients that are not lacking in any kitchen.

We just need a little time

Caring for our appearance is important, but we should not obsess about giving it too much importance. We have to feel good about our appearance and, logically, we have to spend a little time every day.

  • Time to take care of our diet.
  • Time to exercise.
  • Time to relax.
  • To take a good bubble bath or to apply a clay mask that will make our skin rejuvenates noticeably.

We only need a few minutes a day to give us the beauty and health care that will help us look good on the outside and feel much better inside.

What care do we need?

Sometimes we ask:

  • What type of hair removal is the most appropriate?
  • Are Botox treatments harmful?
  • How can I eliminate this cellulite that bothers me so much?
  • Which mask is the most suitable for my skin type?
  • What can I do to prevent hair loss?

In the section Beauty and Health we try to offer you an answer to all the questions you can ask related to the care of the image, always keeping in mind that it is not convenient to obsess about anything, that we should enjoy and like, above all, ourselves.

Also, if you want to know those remedies so effective and healthy that our grandmothers used to wear shiny hair, free of dandruff, strong or so that the skin of your face was clean of impurities and well hydrated, you can not miss the articles in this section . Surely some things will surprise you very pleasantly.

Sections of the Beauty and Health section

The different sections of the Beauty and Health section will find out that taking care of yourself is neither expensive nor complicated, we hope you enjoy these articles that we prepare to help you take care of your body and your health.

These sections are:

  • Natural cosmetics: here we offer articles that tell you about the best cosmetics you can use to care for your skin and your hair. Deciding to use natural cosmetics for your beauty care is a good decision that your body will thank you for.
  • Care and beauty: advice on the care that the different parts of our body need, the types of hair removal or beauty treatments for which we can decide and the best home beauty tricks.
  • Lose weight: the section to lose weight of Beauty, Health and wellbeing aims to help us achieve the ideal weight and keep us in shape. Knowing the best diets, tricks and exercises to lose weight and help us eliminate that cellulite that bothers us so much is essential to take care of our figure and, of course, our health.
  • Spa Treatments: knowing the different treatments of mud therapy, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy can help us to decide for one or the other depending on what we want to achieve. More and more Spa treatments have more weight in the care of beauty and health.

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